Ned Kelly returns to Beechworth Historic Courthouse

Published: 23 Oct 2021

Beechworth Historic Court House

Ned Kelly last walked the floors of the Beechworth Historic Courthouse in 1880. Later this year, more than 140 years after his death, he will walk them once again.

The $1 million Courthouse Kelly Trials Experience, jointly funded by the Regional Infrastructure Fund and Indigo Shire Council, will transform the Beechworth Historic Courthouse into an interactive and immersive cultural heritage and tourism site. Visitors will be invited to relive the Kelly Trials through a mix of digital technology and traditional interpretive methods, which will combine to create an unforgettable historical experience.

Living history

Ned Kelly has become an Australian icon, and his story is interwoven with that of the Indigo Shire. Visitors to the Beechworth Historic Courthouse will be able to view displays of court documents and original objects linked to the Kelly Trials, as they learn more about the history of the Kelly Gang, the courthouse, and the region.

Digital technology and the ghosts of the past

The culmination of the experience will be a recreation of the Kelly Trials facilitated by digital projectors that will bring Ned, the Kelly Gang, and other key figures back to life. Visitors will immerse themselves in the trial, walking alongside the ghosts of the past as a key moment in Australian history is relived before their eyes.

Further experiences are also in development, including the trials of Ellen Kelly and other supporters.

There’s an app for that

The magnitude of this project cannot be confined to the walls of the Beechworth Historic Courthouse. The courthouse experience will be supported with an augmented reality app, which will take visitors to the nearby Police Paddocks where officers hunting the Kelly Gang made their camp. The app will also allow visitors to walk amongst them as they prepare for their final stand-off with the bushrangers.

The app is set to undergo further development, eventually extending the experience across the whole of Indigo Shire.

A commitment to regional development

This project has been made possible by $500,000 in funding from the Regional Infrastructure Fund. This fund is a key component of the Victorian Government’s Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, which supports businesses, councils and communities to build the infrastructure that locals and visitors need.

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