Olympic Park gets a new lease of life

Published: 20 Oct 2021

Olympic Park scores a new lease of life video transcript

[Delivering for Victoria / Olympic Park scores a new lease of life]

[Vision: View of Olympic Park new sporting facilities. Officials posing for photograph in front of sports field.

Alison Beckwith - Chief Executive Officer, Banyule city Council

Welcome, and thank you for joining us today at Olympic Park to open the recently completed first two stages of the Olympic Park Master Plan.

[Vision: View of stadium seating and teams seating on field and playing field.

Rick Garotti - Mayor, City of Banyule

When you consider $15M worth of investment, and you only have to walk through the suburbs over there to realise how important it is to have a club like this here that’s well-backed and well-supported, and reaching out and into the community.

Rueben Way - Men’s Team Captain, Heidelberg United Football Club

Not only does it re-motivate players ‘cause we’re playing on a pitch that’s, you know, pretty close to world-class, but it improves the level of the game or the standard of the game.

[Vision: View of lighting over sports field.

George Katsakis - Coach, Heidelberg United Football Club

Knowing that you’ve got 500 plus of lighting, it just makes it that so much exciting.

Stephanie Galea - Women’s Team Captain, Heidelberg United Football Club

I think it’s more than just football as well, it’s having people come and meet just for different reasons, seeing that, like, at this club that we’re apart of is, yeah, it’s really special.

Steven Tsalikidis - President, Heidelberg United Football Club

Yeah, there’s a lot of stigma around West Heidelberg and hopefully over the years that’s been changing and, you know, it’s a good community.

[Vision: Lighting over sports field]

Ros Spence - Minister for Community Sport

Investments like this are all about creating jobs, stimulating local economies, fast-tracking community recovery, and today is really a great celebration for the local community.

Steven Tsalikidis - President, Heidelberg United Football Club

It’s about time that West Heidelberg can go around and say hey, have a look at us, ‘cause West Heidelberg’s been kicked in the guts for a very long time, so I stand here humbled and proud.

[Vision: Olympic Park Redevelopment Stages 1 and 2 plaque. Team members posing for photographs with officials]

We all do a little bit and achieve a lot and that’s what happens in this community.

You give a little bit and you put smiles on people’s faces.

[Victoria State Government / Delivering for Victoria. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

Please note: Images and video in this article were taken before current COVID-19 safety measures were in place.

Heidelberg West’s Olympic Park, once a training base for the 1956 Olympic Games, is midway through an $11.5 million transformation to diversify and grow the local economy.

Home to Heidelberg United Soccer Club and the Olympic Colts Cricket Club, the first two stages of the ambitious four-stage update are now in motion at Olympic Park.

The Victorian Government allocated $3.5 million to the project and Banyule City Council $3.1 million over four years.

The sporting reserve - which includes Barrbunin Beek, a gathering place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in and around Banyule - is being updated to meet changing lifestyle needs, to accommodate an increased demand for appropriate sports and recreation facilities and amenities in the region and cater for a shift towards casual recreation.

Already, stages one and two of the project have delivered significant improvements including a new main soccer pitch, new fences, paths, a synthetic pitch catering for junior participation, car parking, a playground, barbecues and a 1956 Memorial Garden.

Stages three and four are next on the ‘to do’ list, with three soccer pitches and synthetic cricket wickets, sports field lighting, and new pavilion just some of the items that will be delivered.

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