Revitalising Noble Park to support future generations

Published: 31 Mar 2022

Front facing view of the new Noble Park Train Station following the removal of the level crossing on a sunny day

Noble Park is building towards a strong and prosperous future with the help of the Suburban Revitalisation Program.

The suburb is one of the most culturally diverse places in Australia. More than 50 per cent of residents were born overseas and it is home to almost 30 per cent of Victoria’s asylum seekers.

Noble Park is one of eight suburbs supported by the Suburban Revitalisation Program due to its significant growth in recent years.

The program provides funding to support local projects and create opportunities for businesses and the wider community.

In 2018, Noble Park’s train station was developed, and the level crossing removed. Since then, almost $2.5 million worth of investment through the Noble Park Revitalisation Board has been injected into community-led projects in the suburb to create safe and inviting public spaces and boost local traders.

The Noble Park Revitalisation Board is chaired by local Mr Lee Tarlamis, who is also the State Member for South Eastern Metropolitan. Other members include the City of Greater Dandenong Mayor and other key community stakeholders.

Mr Tarlamis says it’s a shared approach when developing projects.

“The Noble Park Revitalisation Board works collaboratively across sectors to identify, support and deliver initiatives that boost economic and community benefits in Noble Park.”

“Noble Park’s Revitalisation Board provides a local voice to the community, working with local communities to identify opportunities for locally-led projects to make Noble Park thrive.”

Front facing view of the corner of the busy Frank Street and Douglas Street

Upgrading Noble Park’s busiest streets

Two of Noble Park’s main streets, Ian Street and Douglas Street, have been prioritised for key streetscape upgrades. Both are busy streets next to the train station with everything from hairdressers, specialist food stores and restaurants featuring cuisines from all over the world.

With the removal of the level crossing, the streets are now connected. These upgrades will make the precinct more attractive and accessible and allow shoppers to move more easily between shopping strips.

Jim Memeti, Mayor, City of Greater Dandenong says the removal of the level crossing has boosted local businesses.

“For the first time in over 100 years, two separate retail shopping strips, once disconnected by the railway line, are now linked.”

“The town centre is now supported by a shared user path that has seen an increase in cycling.”

The Ian Street streetscape project is due for completion in late 2022 and includes the removal of overheard powerlines and the installation of new public lighting, with added street furniture and trees.

Douglas Street, which was finished in December 2021, now features safer footpaths and pedestrian crossings, more trees and outdoor seating.

Front facing view of the Copas Park Rose Garden and its new signs

Inviting outdoor spaces

Alongside the improved streetscapes, Noble Park is getting more community spaces.

A new all-abilities playground at Ross Reserve, just off Douglas Street, opened by the Premier in November 2021, adds to a space that is already much-loved by the community. Mr Memeti describes the facilities there as “second to none”.

The Frank Street Open Space Improvement across the road will form part of a green corridor between Ross Reserve, Aubrey Moss Memorial Gardens and Copas Park Rose Garden.

It’s due for completion in late 2022 which will mean residents have access to open outdoor spaces, stretching across both sides of the train line.

The space will include landscaping, chairs and table and a performance platform so that residents can rest and enjoy the surroundings within walking distance of Douglas Street.

“These projects will improve our residents’ liveability, bring people together in enhanced open spaces, and ultimately boost our local economy.” Mr Memeti said.

Down the road at AMES Noble Park there are plans for Our Space Community Garden. AMES is an agency dedicated to helping new arrivals settle in the area.

Jayne Ho, AMES Representative on the Noble Park Revitalisation Board can’t wait for the garden to be completed.

“The garden will be a community designed and managed space when it opens later this year.”

“We see this as the first step towards an environmentally sustainable precinct, that gives space and a voice to culturally diverse communities living in south-east Melbourne.”

Mr Tarlamis believes all these projects will help Noble Park thrive now and long into the future.

“We're committed to a safe, vibrant and accessible community, which is set up to support future generations in Noble Park.”

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