Dianella Community Centre provides meeting hub for growing Tarneit West

Published: 23 Nov 2021

Dianella Community Centre provides meeting hub for growing Tarneit West

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[Vision: View of the exterior of the Dianella Community Centre showing shade areas, basketball court and seating areas. Aerial view of whole of site showing solar panels on roof and car park.

[Slide: The Dianella Community Centre will support residents, community leaders, associations and groups to run activities and programs. The centre received $2 million of funding from the 2019-20 round of the Victorian Government’s Growing Suburbs Fund]

[Vision: Various views of the exterior of the Dianella Community Centre]

Misty Palmer, Team Leader, Dianella Community Centre

It is really important to have centres like this because it becomes a central hub for the community.

So the programs that I work with are community leaders and community organisations and service providers, so they’ll be everything from connection groups, cultural groups and playgroups.

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We’re running Victoria Police Youth Leadership courses, so we do a lot of partnerships.

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Community really need those warm welcoming and safe spaces.

With community development offices on site it helps to establish the capacity of the community.

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We work with migrants and refugees and those that are experiencing family violence, so it helps to build that connect and build a strong relationship with the community and with each other and create that sense of pride.

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Tarneit was once known for the endless farmland and stretching paddocks that provided a backdrop to the original Mad Max film in 1979.

More than forty years on, Tarneit is now a booming western suburb with one of the fastest growing populations in outer Melbourne. And with a growing population comes a growing need for more community services. The growth is such that the area now encompasses newly developed Tarneit West.

With support through the Victorian Government’s Growing Suburbs Fund, Dianella Community Centre has become the very first community infrastructure project developed in Tarneit West.

The newly opened centre features an expanded kindergarten, three community meeting spaces and extensive outdoor additions including a basketball court and barbecue facilities.

Team Leader and Facility Manager, Misty Palmer, knows how important the centre will become.

“We have so many people in Wyndham, particularly newly-arrived migrants. Helping them to create that connection and bringing people together - that’s really important.

“Because the community is expanding, council’s response is to provide these facilities. Kind of like mini town halls. It’s a way of trying to bring the community together,” she said.

Dianella Community Centre kindergarten“Lots of people are really excited about using the barbecue facilities. There’s also a really cool amphitheatre and we’re already planning to run outdoor movie nights,” Misty said.

The centre was completed in October and has been ramping up services as public health restrictions ease. Ms Palmer and her team have been busy reaching out to the community to lock in a packed calendar of services.

“Part of my work right now is meeting with community groups and service providers and getting an understanding of how they want to use the centre.

“We decide on the programming, depending on what the values, needs and priorities are of the community. And we find that out from our continuous community engagement and the relationships that we’ve built.”

Services on offer will include everything from blood drives to family game nights, which Misty says will create a welcoming environment for everyone.

“It’s also just a safe space. Some people might be isolated at home, so it’s going to be a warm, welcoming and safe space.”

The $9.2 million centre was funded in part by $2 million through the Growing Suburbs Fund with an additional $5.2 million coming from the Children’s Facility Capital Program and support from Wyndham City Council.

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