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Published: 18 Mar 2022

Williamstown Creative Technology Hub Video Transcript

[Text: Delivering for Victoria / Learning new skills at the Creative Tech Hub]

[Vision: Display of logos of the supporters of the Creative Technology Hub. People working with the facilities on their different projects. Young people using technology to operate equipment]

John Simmons - Senior Digital Projects Coordinator, Williamstown Creative Tech Hub

Today at long last we are finally open and launched officially.

[Vision: People listening to the opening of the facility]

It’s a really friendly space, you can come in and try things out, beyond that it really is a community-based space.

[Vision: People working with the facilities on their different projects]

So people come together, like-minded people come in there and chat through projects that they’re working on.

Geoff Lethbridge - Team Member, Hobsons Bay Men’s Shed

Maker’s Spaces are very valuable to the community as a whole.

[Vision: Views of the technology and equipment available at the Creative Tech Hub. View of young people looking at different plans for projects and discussing]

It enables them to have access to equipment, so if you have a keen student who wants to learn, they can come along to a Maker’s Space and use that equipment and learn skills.

Rich Keville - Creative, Textura Arts

[Vision: View of books available and robotic samples.  View of people researching and using the technological equipment]

It’s a massive benefit for us.

If we didn’t have access to this type of facility we’d need to outsource that which would, you know, be a great cost.

[Vision: View of equipment working, displays of possibilities, experiments and people using the robots to manoeuvre through balls and blocks]

On top of that it allows us to upskill and to learn how to use different types of machinery and technology that we wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to do.

[Victoria State Government / Delivering for Victoria. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne

A site known for its maritime history is now a centre for the future. The Creative Technology Hub at Williamstown’s Seaworks Maritime Precinct has officially opened.

True to its name, the hub features the latest creative technologies. It hosts a range of fun and engaging programs for both schoolkids and adults.

A woman using a 3d printer to make printsAnna Kolusniewski is a well-known costume jewellery designer and the founder of Aa is for Art. She runs jewellery making classes at the hub for students aged 7 to 17.

“I came across the hub at a market at Seaworks. We use the 3D printers, laser cutters and software there to draw designs on the computers. It’s fantastic.”

Anna uses the makerspace. Filled with the modern technologies she mentions, it also has a multimedia green room and robotics equipment.

“I haven’t got the machinery in my studio or the background in using those programs, so it’s fantastic to give the students these opportunities.”

A woman teaching young girls how to make costume jewelleryWorking alongside Hobsons Bay Library staff, technology experts host programs and events. There are even sessions to introduce people to the space. The goal is to teach new skills through hands-on learning.

Upcoming sessions include tourism through virtual reality, an introduction to 3D printing, arts and crafts designs through laser cutting and creating 360 virtual tours.

Altona’s Men’s Shed, local artists and both Bayside P-12 College and Williamstown High School are frequent visitors.

“It really is a community-based space. People come together and chat through projects they’re working on.” said John Simmons, who is the Senior Digital Projects Coordinator at the Creative Technology Hub.

The hub's focus is on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). It's geared to provide locals, including disengaged youth, with skills so they can access new employment opportunities.

The Williamstown Creative Tech Hub has been delivered by Hobsons Bay City Council. It received $115,000 funding from the Victorian Government’s Living Libraries Infrastructure Program.

The hub is open to the public every Thursday to Sunday.

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