Rugby league thunders in to Broadmeadows

Published: 13 Aug 2021

Rugby league thunders into Broadmeadows

[Delivering for Victoria - Rugby league thunders in to Broadmeadows]

Dean Ieremia - Winger for Melbourne Storm

That’s good.

[Vision: Players practicing rugby skills. People posing for photograph for turning the soil]

Dr Amanda Green - Chairwoman for NRL Victoria

We officially turn the soil and commence a construction of what will be a fabulous facility.

[Vision: People listening to Dr Green speak]

We’re looking forward to be able service all of our community in this purpose-built facility that can be used to inspire any person from our game to reach their dreams.

[Vision: Cienna tossing a football]

Pauline Poloai - NRL Game Development Officer for the city of Hume

It’s an amazing opportunity.

Girls can see that, you know, we do have – provided a pathway for them.

They are going to have a facility that they can use as well, similar to the males, but to put them on the same playing field, it means a great opportunity for them.

Cienna Scicouna - Player for Northern Thunder

All my sister’s family were really into rugby, so then I just started playing.

[Vision: Players running across oval and passing the football and running across oval]

I’m very good at tackling and I’m pretty good at running too.

Dean Ieremia - Winger for Melbourne Storm

Standing on this field and hearing that there’s a new facility built, it really brought me back to when I was young and I could imagine the kids that are here locally would hear about it.

[Vision: Players practicing football skills behind Dean speaking]

It really inspires me, especially some come up to me and say ‘I’m so proud of you, like, you’re a Victorian who’s made the Melbourne Storm system’, something that none of us believe would make but you inspired us to train harder and get there.

Cooper Lane - Player for Northern Thunder

Well it’s going to be pretty different because usually we just have the change rooms, and now I’m – now we’re going to have these new change rooms so I think that’s actually pretty cool because that means bigger canteen, more food.

[Vision: Cooper tossing a football]

I really like it because it feels like I have a place in the community because I live quite far away from here and this is like I have a spot in the community, like if I see my friends at the shops or something I know them because it’s from rugby.

[Victoria State Government. Delivering for Victoria. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

Works to transform Seabrook Reserve into a major rugby league hub are underway, delivering a range of development programs and facilities to support the growth of rugby league and touch football in Victoria.

Cienna Scicouana took up rugby league because many in her family follow it. Now she plays regularly for the Northern Metropolitan rugby league club, Northern Thunder.

“All my sister’s family were really into rugby, so I just started playing,” Cienna said. “I’m very good at tackling, and I’m pretty good at running too.”

Cienna is among thousands of young people and future rugby league stars who will benefit from high-quality playing fields and female-friendly facilities as part of the landmark Rugby League State and Community Centre development at Seabrook Reserve, Broadmeadows.

The $16.9 million hub will be home to the State’s rugby league youth-development squads and, in time, a base for NRL powerhouse Melbourne Storm’s women’s team. It will provide a Centre of Excellence for elite female players to become the best they can be.

The Victorian Government has funded the project with a $12.7 million investment, with the NRL contributing $1.4 million and Melbourne Storm $300,000. The City of Hume will spend $2.5 million on facilities for Northern Thunder.

The Rugby League State and Community Centre is due for completion in mid-2022.

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